Meet our farmers

Arla is a European dairy cooperative with a global reach, owned by 12,000 dairy farmers, around 2,500 of whom are in the UK.  We travelled around the country to meet five of our UK farmer owners to hear more about them, their farms and what it means to be part of Arla.

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Arthur Fearnall is an 8th generation farmer who is hopeful that his son continues the family tradition. The farm is based at Pulford near Chester and he has been selling his milk in to Arla for over 20 years and became an Arla farmer-owner in 2014. Arthur is on the Arla Foods Board of Representatives, the company’s supreme body comprising 179 members, almost entirely made up of farmer-owners.


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Andrew Barraclough manages Gatelands Farm near Penrith as a family unit alongside his wife, son and daughter. The Arla promise of collecting every litre of milk they produce at the full Arla price per litre, enables Andrew to expand the farm so it can support his children and their families when they take over.


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A member of the Arla Foods Board of Representatives, John Cook has farmed for over 40 years. He owns Burgate Farm near Scarborough and works alongside his son and new daughter-in-law. So passionate about being an Arla farmer owner that his son’s wedding was Arla themed.


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Angela Rhodes and husband Douglas run Wormleighton Grange Farm in South Warwickshire. The have around 320 dairy cows and the milk is collected daily and taken to Arla’s Aylesbury site. The milk processing site opened in 2014 as a result of £150 million investment and processes over a billion litres of milk each year. Angela is one of 179 members that make up the Arla Foods Board of Representatives.


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Jane Dornom and her husband produce organic and standard milk at Stallenge Thorne Farm is on the Somerset and Deon border. Jane is passionate about the great cheeses produced in the West Country and with the scale and expertise within Arla; she believes we can take them even further around the World.